Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Matching Dress

I had been eyeing the Sugar Plum Dress from Lolita Patterns for a while.  In fact, I even purchased the Houndstooth Kit, which included the pattern, a polyester hounds tooth print for the bodice, a lycra-blend gabardine for the skirt, a zipper, and buttons.  It arrived beautifully packaged and I was looking forward to a new dress.

However, once I had my cape completed, I had some decently sized scraps leftover.  I decided that a matching dress to the cape would be perfect and the Sugar Plum pattern would be an impeccable accompaniment.  I haphazardly placed the pattern pieces on the scraps and decided that it was definitely doable with some careful pattern cutting.

The finish dress exceeded my expectations.  I did add 1 inch to the bodice length, which is almost always necessary to accommodate my long torso.  I made a size 6 top and the waist is size 6, but the skirt is graded to a size 10 at the hips. 

 A also made a couple other changes - I lined the entire dress and I added a kick pleat. 
(Sorry the picture below makes the lining seem so wrinkled.)

Overall, I am very pleased with the result and I already wore the dress and cape combination to an annual family dinner in downtown Minneapolis.  I'm looking forward to wearing it this week to work also!  Now to decide whether to make another Sugar Plum Dress using the Houndstooth Kit I purchased or to find another pattern for the fabrics....
Until the next project,

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