Friday, October 25, 2013

Week 1 (October 22-24, 2013)

No reason a week needs to start on a Sunday, right?

Here is this week’s breakdown:

Tuesday               1 hour crocheting (No pattern, Christmas Present #1)
Wednesday        30 minutes crocheting (No pattern, Christmas Present #1)
Thursday             1.25 hours cutting fabric and lining (Cape, BurdaStyle 08/2013 #122)

I am purposefully being vague about what I am crocheting.   I promise to take pictures and post them once I know the gift has been opened by the lucky recipient.

Also, this week has been feeling less chaotic, so I was able to find more than just 20 minutes each of the days to work on my projects!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


2 Full Time Working Parents
2 Young Kids
Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Cooking
Laundry, Laundry, and More Laundry
Home Improvement Projects Galore
Too much to do, not enough time…This has become to “normal” for us.

I started to feel that I wasn’t doing enough for “me.”  I wanted to spend more time creating – sewing, crafting, etc.  I wanted to get back into making things that make me happy. 
Since watching television is not really rewarding to me, I have decided to trade some time every day that I would have normally spent on the couch.  I decided on 20 minutes.  20 Minutes Every Day.
Initially 20 minutes didn’t seem like enough time to get anything accomplished.  But longer than 20 minutes seemed like a huge commitment to add to my already busy life.  And I thought more about what I could really complete in just 20 minutes.  A couple of seams?  But if I did that every day, I might have a completed project in a few weeks’ time.   And that would be one more completed project than when I started. 
What if I wanted to make something other than a sewing project?  I decided that as long as I was being productive doing something creative, to would count toward my 20 minutes.
This is my chronicle of my 20 minutes a day (or maybe longer if time allows).  Most of it will be sewing, but once in a while I might sneak something else in.  Maybe you will join me for the journey.