Tuesday, December 17, 2013

18 Years and 8 Moves Later...

I finally cut into my 4 yards of Pendelton wool. I purchased this fabric way back when I worked at House of Fabrics while I was still in high school.  1995!

I bought it for what even I considered a steal - on clearance at 19.98 per yard.  As you can see, I started my fabric stash at an early age.  I had no idea what I would ever make with it, but I HAD TO HAVE IT!  So I bought the last remaining 4 yards on the bolt.

Life goes on and the fabric goes along.  I went to college in Minnesota (I grew up in Illinois) and the fabric went with me.  After college, I moved a lot.  The fabric made every move with me.  Finally, after hanging in the closet for the last 8 years at our house, I had found THE PATTERN! 

It was perfect!  The pattern calls for 4 1/2 yards of outer fabric, so I figured I could just shorten the cape a bit to make up the difference.  Now to get some equally fantastic fabric for the lining.

I was at the local Joann Fabrics and the linings were so BLAH.  Then I just happened to walk through the silky prints and VOILA - there it was calling my name!

So after the kids would go to bed at night, I would head down to the basement to do some sewing.  I even managed to find time on the weekends that I could spend working on it.  And now it is complete.

Of course, my little buddy wanted to be in the pictures also.

Also, an update on Christmas Gift #1 and #2, which were sent to my parents in Arizona.  I had them open their gifts early and they loved them! 

Until the next project,

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