Thursday, February 6, 2014

Matching Robe and Nightgown

Burda 7627 View D

Burda 3379 View B (OOP)

I started this set in December, hoping to finish by Christmas so that I would have something other than knit active wear to wear as pajamas over the holidays.  I set out to make a long nightgown and a full length robe – feminine, fashionable, but still providing coverage.
The holidays came and went.  The project was finally completed mid-January.  (I'm trying to get caught up posting my completed projects - hopefully by the beginning of next week I will be current!)

I purchased the fabric from Hancock Fabrics, a matte polyester “silky” fabric in royal blue.  The nightgown was first as I had completed this pattern (Burda 3379 View B, now out of print) several years ago to be used a black slip under a couple dresses.  The made a few changes to the pattern including adding about 12 inches in length and cutting on the bias rather than straight grain.  Due to the bias cut, I removed about 1/2" in width from each seam from my armhole to the bust dart.  All the seams were sewn using French seam technique.  The top detail of the bodice encases the top edge and eliminates any facings.

On the robe (Burda 7627 View D), I also added to the length.  The length added was about 18 inches since I wanted a full length robe.  I ignored the lace detail along the front, but instead created a detail similar to that on the nightgown so that they would truly match.  The detail on the robe is 2 inches wide when finished. 

Similar to the nightgown, this detail encased the raw edges along the front and neck, eliminating a different finishing technique.  Also like the nightgown, the seams were completed using french seam techniques.

Purchases for this project (all purchased in 2013):

Fabric                    $15.26                  4 yards @ $3.81, Hancock Fabrics (Robe)
Fabric                      $8.48                  2 yards @ $4.24, Hancock Fabrics (Nightgown)
Thread                    $1.29                  
Pattern                   $2.67                   Burda 7627

Already in stash:
Pattern, Burda 3379

Total cost for this project:  $27.70

Check back for more finished January projects later this week!



  1. It turned out really well. The color is nice, they look luxe but provide coverage for wearing around family. I have many items on my list like this but, like you did not complete in time for the Holidays. Instead I was wearing my yoga pants and a sweatshirt. You have inspired me to get back to it.

    1. Thank you! This set has been getting a lot of wear - I even had my husband add a hook on the wall behind our bedroom door so that it has a "home" during the day. It has been great having an option that is not t-shirts and yoga pants! Plus, I can still wear this around my kids! Please share your items when you finish them!