Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Hit and A MIss

To finish my posts about January completed projects, I will include 2 items in today’s post.

First, the HIT!
Late last year, I decided to take my wardrobe options to a new level – I was going to learn to knit.  Okay, so it’s not a huge stretch for me since I already know how to crochet.  I started snooping around Raverly and discovered a set of patterns for beginners from Tin Can Knits.  There are 8 patterns in The Simple Collection and the best part - they are free!   happened to have a skein of 100% wool hanging around, so I started with the first project, the Wheat Scarf, in December.
The other 7 patterns in The Simple Collection include a baby blanket, a hat, a cowl, socks, mitts, a pullover sweater, and a cardigan.  Child through adult sizes are included for all the patterns.  Not only was the pattern great, but the tutorials are also extremely helpful!  There was not a step that was not covered in detail!  And the final result?

It's not perfect, but I really can't complain for being my first knitting project. 

I was so inspired by my first finished knitting project that I have ventured onto bigger and better projects in the world of knitting.  Stay tuned for a another finished project sometime in March!
And now THE MISS!
I saw this wrap dress on BurdaStyle and thought it looks super cute.  It would make a perfect swimsuit coverup!  Bonus #1 - The pattern is free!  OK, so there really isn't a pattern, just instructions telling you cut 2 rectangles and sew them together.  Still, it is FREE!  Bonus #2 - There are several ways to tie the finished fabric into different styles of dresses.  Basically, you could have 3 dresses by just sewing one!

The instructions for inserting the elastic for the neckline were a little confusing.  Here a look at how I pinned the elastic before I sewed it down, then turned it, and sewed it the second time.

  And the result - an utter disappointment.  I am small.  I made the smallest size.  I tied it using the View B Variation.  The fabric is not long enough to tie in the back!  Here are some pictures on my mannequin to give you an idea.
So, I tried View A, Variation 1.  I was still not able to tie it together.  Closer, but no go! 
I was able to make it work with 2 possible dress ideas - See below.  However, the first one has a waterfall of fabric sticking out from the bust - really not attractive.  Lighter fabric could make this better.  For the second dress, I just tied the ends together and put it around the neck.  It looks okay, but it is not what I was going for.


Maybe making a larger size would create the look I am desiring, but it will have to wait. 
Instead you will probably be seeing this fabric again in a different project in the future.  Luckily because you only cut one slit for the neckline, I have plenty to work with. 
Did anyone have success with this pattern?  Anyone else have issues?
Happy Sewing!


  1. Too bad it didn't work, I love the color and the pattern. I have done things like this recently it can be frustrating. I look forward to seeing what the fabric becomes next. I nominated your blog for a Liebster blog award. Happy Sewing!

  2. Ugh, I hate it when that happens. Hopefully you can save the fabric. ~Teri